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Borhani at Mina

TastyLlama | Feb 1, 2004 03:23 AM

Just had my third trip to the much-beloved Mina. Apparently, the chef-ess herself was out today; suprisingly, the quality of the food failed to suffer. She's trained her staff well.

As a new experience, tried a drink on the menu called 'Borhani.' The new waitress there attempted to explain what it was before I had it, to little avail; "hot, sour, and sweet" were listed, but little else. If anyone can tell me what the flaming heck is IN this concoction, I would greatly appreciate it.

The taste is indescribable. Do NOT take this to mean "good." Don't take it to mean "bad" either, though. Just one of the most mutant tastes ever. It clearly comes from a lassi-esque yogurt base, but beyond that, I'm lost. It was indeed spicy, sour, sweet, salty, cold, hot, foamy, creamy, oily, and fresh all at once, and probably whitens your teeth while you sleep. Every sip caused my neural synapses to fire randomly, generating bizarre twitches and seizure-like fits that must have at least slightly unnerved the restaurant staff.

I must know what this drink is, whether my sample was typical of a Borhani experience, and whether I should be searching feverishly for an antidote or not.

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