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really bored of h**ster bashing

linus | Aug 21, 201305:08 PM     175

hello folks:

maybe i'm the only one, but i've really had it with bashing restaurants and their clientele for their age and the way they dress.

isn't this just flat out bigotry?

suppose i reviewed a restaurant or a taco stand or whatever, and said something like, "hey, great, authentic tacos, but the fanny packs and obesity of the people in line really ruined it for me. i hate going to restaurants filled with fat, polyester wearing people"?

wouldn't that just make me a jerk?

but, somehow, many chowposters find it o.k. to say how their dining experience was ruined by the h**ster crowd.

if a restaurant is filled with young people, dressed in the popular fashion of the day, does it really ruin your food? why are you focused on other people instead of your food and your dining companions?
and how do you know someone is a "h**ster" just by the clothes they wear? stuff goes in and out of style. maybe they've been dressing that way for years.

perhaps it's just me, but i've grown tired of the judgement of people on their looks here on chowhound.

rant over. thanks.

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