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Book Idea?

santacruzan | Nov 18, 2004 02:46 PM

Hi Fellow Hounds,

I've been a follower of Chowhound for a few years and have used its message boards copiously to plan my dining experiences on different vacation trips. I'm heading off into retirement and have been fantasizing about a project that would combine my love of eating, traveling and writing.

The bare bones outline is this. The U.S. has uniquely regional food specialties that are both yummy and inexpensive, yet most travel guides either ignore them or give them a cursory mention in their "where to dine" section. Chowhounds spend endless amounts of energy agonizing over the comparitive merits of such specialties, yet there's no printed resource I'm aware of that focuses on this aspect of dining experience.

So how about penning a fun romp through the nooks and crannies of our fair land's chow, searching out some particularly noteworthy New York and Chicago pizza joints, New England clam bakes and chowders, barbecues (K.C., Carolina, Texas, etc), conch fritters and chowders, key lime and pecan pies, regional sandwiches (po' boys, meatball heroes, hoagies)etc, etc. The idea would be to have fun reading about the food items and locations, but also to be able to use the book as a guide for a chow odyssey (which the author would clearly make before writing).

Major reason for the posting is to see if anybody knows if this has been done already, but any other comments would certainly be welcome. Also, if you want to "steal" my idea and get going on it yourself, more power (and good eating!) to you.

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