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Bonny Doon Fire

NoeMan | Jun 12, 2008 10:36 AM

Not sure where this post goes but since it affects Bay Area Food lovers I'll start here. My wife and I had the great pleasure of finally meeting Randall Graham and having him sign a bottle of Le Cigare Volante a week ago or so @ beautiful Canyon (Gourmet) Market in Glen Park. Heard on the news that the Winery and Tasting Room had to be evacuated and are precariously close to the fire.

We discovered Le Cigare about 16 or 17 years ago (I recall, because my daughters were very small then) in the restaurant at the then Dream Inn on the waterfront in Santa Cruz. That same weekend we bought all 9 bottles at the local Safeway for something like $9.00 a bottle. Soon thereafter it went on allocation and we only saw it in New York and Miami restaurants, and for about $70 to $110 a bottle.

Randall just recently sold off his bigger labels to focus back on the stars like Le Cigare down at Bonny Doon. I sincerely hope he comes out of this intact. Obviously, this is a wine topic, but it is also a serious issue for Bay Area food and wine folks, who may not frequent the Wine Board.

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