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Boning knife—Flex or Straight?

DCcook | Jan 30, 201203:07 AM

I'm interested in purchasing a boning knife, primarily to cut up chicken. I may, on occasion, be interested in using it to fillet fish but I probably buy a full chicken once every 1-2 weeks and buy a whole fish only a couple of times a year (though this may change).

My understanding is that a flexible boning knife is better for fish, and sometimes poultry, and a straight boning knife is better for heftier cuts of meat. But I've read comments and reviews indicating that some people prefer a flex boning knife for chicken while others like the control of a straight knife.

For those of you who use a boning knife for poultry, which type would you prefer or recommend?

I'm wondering whether I should go with the flex boning knife. I've been in a situation where it would have been nice to have a boning knife for filleting some fish. But perhaps even a straight boning knife would suffice for the occasional fish.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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