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Two boneless pork loin chops - What's for dinner?


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Two boneless pork loin chops - What's for dinner?

Pate | Apr 19, 2007 06:42 PM

When I buy meat at Costco I'll split it up into smaller portions and freeze it. Today while rooting around in freezer I found two wayward boneless pork loin chops that have been in there since the end of January so it's time to use them up.

I usually make a chipotle/apricot/orange thing. Or a sweet & sour thing. Maybe a some kind of mushroom wine sauce thing. But that's if I have four (or more). But only two chops to split between both of use will make my husband pout as he's a two chop kind of guy himself (and I'd pout if I have to watch him eat them both).

So now I'm trying to think of a way to extend them. I'm thinking a green chili pork but:
1.) Is the meat too lean and will get too dry?
2.) Is that even enough pork for that?

I thought I could maybe make a green chili pork "stoup" buy adding some bean product and thinning it out a little. That might work.

Any ideas?

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