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Boneless Chicken Wings

BIM | Jan 31, 201010:15 PM

My friend Mark and I were picking up a pizza at our local place, and I noticed a come-on for a new item: Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza. I said to my friend - it can't be actual wings, can it? On a pizza? So we asked the guy and he said yes - it was wings. With the bones in? I asked, incredulous. He laughed at me. No bones - of course not, he said. On the drive home we turned it over. Impossible, I said - I have NEVER EVER seen chicken wing meat served off the bone. How impractical - who would ever serve boned chicken wings?

The next day I called them and ascertained that, no, it was not wing meat off-the-bone, it was breast meat in a buffalo sauce. Ok, duh. But I got to thinking about wing meat off the bone and I realized that I HAD sort of had it - as the boneless stuffed "angel wings" you can get at some Thai restaurants. Though even those usually have the bony wing tip attached.

So here's my question: has anyone ever heard of any dish that involves boneless chicken wing meat? Either pre-boned or cooked and then de-boned. I know you can slide the double bones out and have a boneless treat, but SERVED that way?

Love to hear about it -


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