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Boneless Buffalo Wings - Yecchh!


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Boneless Buffalo Wings - Yecchh!

groaker | Oct 31, 2002 08:57 AM

Is there anyone besides me who thinks Boneless Wings, or just about anything else made from so-called "chicken tenders" are an abomination to be shunned like the plague? Whenever I've tried these things I've found them to be tasteless, and the meat so dry that I need a pint of beer to get just one down. When I have Buffalo Chicken Wings, (one of the Greatest Food Dishes Ever Invented), I want a bone I can gnaw down to the gristle, I want greasy sauce running down my hand, I want crispy skin instead of some bread-like coating. In short, I want real actual wings, not synthetic "tenders" (what are these things, anyway?). I almost cried when Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse (NH chain) replaced their Aztec Wings with tenders - they were the only reason I went there.

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