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Boehmer - a review

atomeyes | Feb 12, 2011 10:03 AM

I was also wondering why Boehmer hasn't received much attention. It also makes me question Ms Kates's food reviews, but that's for another post.

We went there last night. Thought we would have a romantic VDay dinner n such. I made the phone reservation a week ago. Their seating is strange. First seatings are between 5-7. You cannot be 15 minutes late. Second seating starts at 9. We chose the first slot. "We should remind you that you have to leave by 8:30 so we can seat the second seating." Really??

We get there. Its a nice space. Not as beautiful as I imagined. Its big and tall and vast with a giant communal (?) table in the middle and, apparently, bar seating. We panicked that we would get there late and miss our seating time. We arrive and....the restaurant's pretty unfull. We get our table and are asked immediately if we want a cocktail. "How can I order a cocktail if I want wine with my meal?" I ask. The waitress is unsure as to what i mean. "We are going to order a bottle of wine. We were told we have to be gone by 8:30. I have a car here. I cannot legally consume that amount of alcohol and then drive home." Waitress then makes a comment about, its ok, we'll hopefully have a seat at the bar for you after if you need to continue drinking. Yeah, nothing I like more than to finish eating at Table A in a restaurant, get up and start drinking in another area. Inertia's a powerful thing. but i digress.

We ask for a wine recommendation. She looks over the menu, reads each wine to herself quietly and asks "what kind of wine do you want?" I say "something juicy, full bodied." She looks at the list again and says "I'm going to ask my manager. " She comes back, has 2 suggestions and then says "why don't i just bring my manager here?" Alright. He comes, gives a few suggestions and we order a $62 bottle of wine. Not cheap and certainly not the cheapest on the menu nor close to being the most expensive.

Right after the wine's chosen, she asks what we're ordering. zero time to look at the menu. so we start with oysters. Our waitress says "we have....." and opens her little book and tells us what tonight's oyster is. tsk tsk. didn't know it by heart. we order one each as an amuse bouche. It comes quickly and she comes back immediately to take our order. Again, little time to look at the menu. so i ask the dreaded question:

"Is there anything you recommend?"

She says:

"Its all excellent."

So, wanting more guidance, I say "Anything special that you recommend?"
"no. its all great."

It would be nice to give me an opinion or ask more questions to give us guidance, but no. so we order our appetizers and say that we'll think about the mains. I'm feeling like she's looking at her watch and will stay true to the 2 hr dinner limit.

I get the venison tartare and the wife gets the lobster tail on avocado. Presentation is nice (not amazing) and my tartare is good. it was very light and simple tasting, not complex. that can be good or bad, depending on how you like your tartare. but it wasn't memorable. spicing was subtle and the meat was speaking for itself, except the venison didn't have much of a gamey or meaty taste. it came with a light greens-and-apple salad that was nice.

my wife said he lobster-avocado dish was very good. I don't eat lobster, so I will take her word for it. apps were around $17 each.

Our order for our mains was then placed. I ordered the bison short ribs and she ordered the duck breast. each main is around $37.

My bison came with 4 or 5 short ribs, each with a fair amount of beer of the bone. It has a silky parsnip puree with it, which was well done. The meat itself was relatively tasty, except it was missing some salt. I like my food on the slightly salty side, but the meat tasted like it was lacking any salt at all, thus giving it a bit of a bland taste. Yes, salt is subjective blah blah, but I find that bison tends to taste bland if it lacks any salt. Otherwise, it was a pretty nice dish. Not mind blowing, but good.

My wife's duck was cooked nicely. Very pink in the middle and not overcooked. It came is pumpkin-filled ravioli (I believe it was pumpkin) and the ravioli were excellent. The duck itself was nice, but again, it did taste a little bland.

For dessert, we shared the vanilla creme brulee, served with 2 shortbread cookies and a strawberry compote. it was a nice dessert and a well executed brulee. we left the table at 8:40 (ten minutes late! my lord!) and with tax and tip, it came to $230 for two.

It was good, but not worth $230. I'd rather dine at Foxley up the street and have more knowledgeable service and a bill half the price.

207 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z8, CA

93 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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