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Bob's Shabu Shabu

deangold | Jun 17, 2007 08:52 AM

I realized that there is really no thread on the recent updates at Bob's Shabu Shabu.

Bob's is located on North Mongomery in Rockville. It is a really wonderful place with loads of options.

The basic option is the Shabu shabu. You get a pot of broth and a plate of veggies and fish balls tofu etc. Then you add an order of your favorite meat/seafood. I usually go with pork, clam or lamb or all three. The seafood is fresh but I find that its flavors get lost and its easy to overcook. You then go and make a dipping sauce ior two at the sauce bar. I use a lot of hot chili paste, some dark soy, maybe some fish sauce, onion and garlic with a touch of shacha for one and then another with the fermented tofu, vinegar, onion & garlic. I start wioth the veggies and the fish balls (which take a longer time. Then after the broth is getting some color and flaor I start to add the meat or clams. Finally at the end I add the noodle and the egg and turn the pot off and let the egg set in the hot broth.

But there is so much more to Bob's than Shabu. There is a Taiwanese noodle dish, cook your own too, with round almost crunchy noodles that is superb. There are many more cold noodle dishes and hot soup noodles as well and we have tried some but their names are all pretty similar so I am not too sure what we have actually had.

The dumplings and 1000 layer cake are ok but there are way better in the neighborhood (Joe's, Mama's, A&J) so we now pass. But the cooked dishes here are pretty damned good. WHole Tilapia is good, Lion's Head is better (even if my lion friends say they just don't like the name!). Lion's head is a huge meatball (think softball size) with ginger and other stuff (dried shrimp I think, 5 spices powder). It is steamed in a clay hot pot with a light and very good broth and cabbage. Amazing!!! Also good is the crispy tofu with extremely salty thick soy dipping sauce, cold dishes, beef with long pepper, pig's knuckle, salt and pepper fried shrimp and the shaved ice with fruit for dessert. We never have paid more than $25 a person and only then with lots of sake and beer.

Bob is a wonderful guy who wants you to ahve a good time. He also tells the world's worst jokes.

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