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foodiesnorth | Jan 22, 2010 09:41 AM

I have no idea how to respond off line to the manager at Chowhound who posted on this issue I hav added my new post!

Separating the board might make sense, but connecting the territories with BC does not. I rarely if ever see posts for the Yukon and virtually the only posts on the NWT and Nunavut are from Alberta. AS the name suggest, I move around the territories a lot. Yellowknife, in particular has some really good places to eat. The territories produce food now availbale in the south. The Yukon is a haven of good and slow food, but they seem not to get onto this board.

Maybe BC needs its own board. The rest of the soon to be former board needs to remain together because frankly the number of posts for the rest is smaller in number. I rarely go the Canada board becuase they have very few posts. I am concerned that the Territories with BC will kill the few posts there is related to the territores.

Do you really think there are so many posts on this board that it needs to be split? A non active board will be checked less and result in fewer posts and thedeath spiral will continue as people migrate to more active boards. I find the number of posts on this board easily managemabel especially if the topic line clearly indicates the city or region. Most of us westereners, I suspect, move freely beween the areas currently included (I for one read a lot of BC posts).

Can you reconsider?

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