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Boar Taint - How many of you have experienced it?


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Boar Taint - How many of you have experienced it?

Wahooty | Oct 7, 2012 06:30 PM

So my freezer is overflowing as we head into braising weather here in Michigan...I decided to do a little fall cleaning by pulling out some pork neck bones and turning them into ragu. They had been purchased in cryovac and tossed in the freezer some time ago...smelled fine when thawed and opened. Absolutely no reason to think that the meat was bad. But I knew something wasn't right when I roasted the bones - the smell was off, but I thought maybe it's just the porkiness of the bones, and when diluted with the veggies and tomato, herbs, and wine...oh, it'll be fine.


A couple of hours later, I have a pot of should-be-amazingness that smells and tastes like stale urine. Luscious, umami-rich stale urine.

Based on what I have read, I believe one (or possibly both) of the two packages of neck bones had boar taint. I also believe I am one of those people who is particularly sensitive to this smell - I have an otherwise insensitive nose, but can detect anything in the ammonia/urine family at VERY low concentration.

So now my scientist self is this population of people who can be quite sensitive to small variance in many of you have personally run into boar taint? And if you are certain you can't detect it...would you like a free pot of ragu????

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