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Can blue cheese turn "bad"?


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Can blue cheese turn "bad"?

Howard-2 | Jul 21, 2003 06:33 PM

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether blue cheese can go bad, and if so, what that might look like, and how long it might take?

Blue cheese is, in a sense, milk that's gone bad. (May the food gods forgive me for such a heretical thought!) And we've all seen cheese that's gone bad, from high water-content cheeses like cream cheese, to lower moisture-content cheese like mozzarella and the other plastic-textured cheeses such as Jarlsberg.

Most of those cheeses seem to go "bad" by picking up mold. In blue cheese, the blue veins are mold, as I recall, so perhaps it's harder for other molds to colonize the blue cheese. But what about other microorganisms, like yeasts or fungi or bacteria?

Anyone have any knowledge of this stuff?

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