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Blue Bottle Ferry Building getting a facelift [San Francisco]

grayelf | Jan 11, 201507:15 AM    

Welcome news for anyone who's waited in (or passed by in frustration) the interminable lineup at their bricks and mortar, via the CUESA newsletter:

"For years, we’ve been stewing and nail-biting over how to make this, our busiest space, a smoother experience for guests. And now, thanks to a ton of hard work by the folks in store development and at the Ferry Building, we’re poised to get things rolling.

The first phase of the remodel [began] on Jan. 2, 2015. The cafe’s main entrance will open again for usual hours but its north side service window (a.k.a. our beloved “Secret Window”) will be closed until Jan. 30. Yep. Like, all month. During this time, affogatos, parfaits, Liege waffles, sandwiches, and salads will not be available. The remodel’s second phase will begin on Feb. 2 and will last until Feb. 27. The cafe’s main entrance will be closed, and guests should order at the Secret Window. Pending any unanticipated delays, the cafe will be fully operational again on Feb. 28 with a new look and more efficient offerings. These include:
• Three points to order coffee – two at the main entrance, and one at the Secret Window to get guests through the line and enjoying coffee much quicker than the previous layout.
• Three (count ‘em) espresso machines – a two-group Linea, a three-group Linea, and a Spirit Duette. This will help get more delicious coffee into guests’ hands faster than before, when the cafe just had two machines.
• A brew-by-scale* method coffee drip bar, the first in the Bay Area for us.
• The same coffee menu at both entrances.
• All new cabinets and stainless steel countertops."

* I had to look this up. I believe this is an example:http://acaia.co/

Linea Caffe
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