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BLT Fish, OR, “Ode to Chris, Worst Bartender in Manhattan”


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BLT Fish, OR, “Ode to Chris, Worst Bartender in Manhattan”

rchanin | Jun 27, 2005 09:36 AM

Hi ‘hounds, just a quick review in a way in which I’m loathe to do. However, given the absolutely horrible experience I had this weekend at BLT Fish, I felt the need to pass along . . .

Was in the mood for seafood so decided to give BLT Fish a go. None of my friends had yet to go but I’d read some good reviews on this board so decided (b/c a reservation was out) to have dinner at the bar. The bar was relatively crowded at 5:30 when we showed up buy my wife and I got two seats and met Chris, hereafter to be known as the worst bartender I’ve ever encountered (completely unacceptable at a place like BLT.)

We ordered half a dozen kumamoto’s (FANTASTIC!) and some steamers to start. I had a pint of IPA and my wife a margarita (which she would later tell me was the worst she ever had in her life.) And that was it . . . the moment after we placed our order, in walked some friends of Chris who sat down next to us and chatted with Chris for the next hour. Their drinks were comp-ed as were the apps Chris selected for them. Meanwhile, we paying guests made do with empty glasses, no side plates, NO NOTICE from Chris despite the fact that we were sitting a mere few feet from his friends. (We did learn all about Chris’s acting career and the characters he feels he’s best suited to play.)

After his friends left (FINALLY!!!) Chris turned his attention to two folks across the bar who ordered a couple of mojitos. As he was serving them up, I finally caught his eye – “Hey, can I get a mojito too please?” I asked. He looked at me boredly and said “I’m out’a mint, I have to go get some in the basement” which was less an FYI to me but more a “why are you making walk down to basement for mint leaves” type of response. After he left, the other folks took a sip of their mojitos and looked as though they might spit them out! He re-made them when he finally came back, apparently he’d forgotten to add any sugar (mine, BTW was fine.) We finished and settled up (the only time that night when we got a smile from Chris was when he was handing us the bill, SWEAR TO GOD!!!)

We’d wanted to order dinner but couldn’t handle being ignored anymore nor the fact that our orders might never come. There was no GM to be seen, something I would NEVER have expected at the BLT “franchise” and despite not being able to make a reservation, many open tables at 7PM. The oysters and steamers were great but we left hungry and more than a little angry at the worst bar tender we’d ever met. Don’t know if I’ll be going back to BLT Fish again . . .

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