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Where's My Bloody Burger?


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Where's My Bloody Burger?

sandylc | Apr 25, 2013 07:23 PM

Saw a blurb on Dr. Oz about the nasties in cow-harvesting-assemby-line burger meat. The guest expert was ringing a large alarm bell regarding pink-to-red burgers. Burgers that are not "overcooked" are the rage right now.

Now, I am sure that many chowhounders know the names of the cows that they eat. (Exaggeration) Seriously, I sometimes go to a butcher that takes more care about the beef they sell and their burger is yum and I don't cook burgers from them all the way through.

But do you really trust all restaurants to be that careful with their sourcing? Or do you say "medium-rare, please" and hope for the best?

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