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Blood Orange Question

jumpingmonk | Jan 18, 201207:54 PM

This has got to be the DUMBEST question I've ever had to ask, but it is literally driiving me CRAZY.
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the following;

Whenever I go to any market that is sellign blood oranges, I notice the same really odd thing. In the pile there will be a large pile of one type of blood orange (the kind that look like ordinay oranges from the outside, plus or minus a slight blush). and literally ONE of the other kind (the kind with the skin that is almost brown to black). If it was just the color, Id assume that it was simply one that got real heavy sun (I know that oranges can vary in color a lot depending on how much sun they get). But they are clearly different strains (thoguh they are always marked as the same brand/type as the "hidden" one's. The darker ones are a different shape (they are more oviod, and have folds near the stem often with a bump like on temple oranges or minneolas) different skin texture (much bumpier and with more obvios oil glands) different shape (longer) and color (much darker) of internal fruit, different juice levels (the dark kind are a lot dryer) and a dramitcally different taste (the smooth skinned orange kind are a lot sourer). Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when, doesn't matter the brand It is always exactly the same. I am well aware that the actual variety of most fruits has little to do with the brand label, but this really really weird consistent ratio has me baffled. Do all the growers keep ONE dark tree to do the pollinating, then mix it's fruit into the rest of the crop. Do they include one dark orange in the lot to indicate that the shipment is blood oranges for store clerks who can't tell the difference. I'm probably being paranoid in thinking that there is some reason, but it's driving me bonkers!

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