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Block of Foir Gras, Valintines Day?


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Block of Foir Gras, Valintines Day?

Joann Creekmore | Feb 12, 2002 01:17 AM

I just ordered a "block of Goose foie gras with 3% truffles, made by Rougie,5.1oz. Spent a good part of my day recerching and looking for reciepies, far and few between. And still a little confused on wheather or not I should cook this product? It's described as a "block goose foie gras with 3% truffles.

I do understand it is Not raw foie gras!
How much difference in flavor should I expect?

I would like to maybe stuff a Chateaubriand with this, is that possiable? Any ideas using this would be greatly apprieciated. It is already cooked, but can I reheat it and maybe use it with some wonderful sauce or somthing?

Wish I could afford the real stuff, lusting

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