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BLIND TIGER barleywine fest first report wow!

mrnyc | Feb 4, 200406:34 PM     1

pardon my typing but this is a post-event report. just to refresh the memory once again here is what is on offer tonight:

Blue Point Old Howling Bastard [cask-'03]
Brooklyn Monster ['01]
Dogfish Head Olde School ['03]
Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ['02]

Middle Ages Druid Fluid ['03]
Rogue Old Crustacean ['94]
Sierra Big Foot ['03]
Smutty Nose Barleywine ['03]
Three Floyds Behemoth ['03]
Victory Old Horizontal ['03]

some of these will be available the next few days so those of you that are interested but missed it tonight go anyway!

other than the cask, you can order in two sizes, 6oz($3) and 12oz($6) which is appropriate but unusual and fun. without question, order in the small 3oz size if you want to live to see tomorrow. each barleywine beer is like like doing a shot each of scotch or whiskey so beware! thank goodness MAMA BUDDHA is nearby with their well-made if bland americanized curry beef ( and great leek pancakes to straighten me out at home so i can type this-ha!! fyi beware --- "extra spicy, super spicy, szechuan spicy please" = bland!

here's my barleywine rundown:

Victory Old Horizontal ['03]--my 1st choice. very sorta heavier sierra nevada-ish tasting barleywine. rather dry in a good way. they've had it here before. nice choice.

Three Floyds Behemoth ['03]--even better. very hoppy and nice. a bit sweet which might not exactly appeal to novices's but hey in a 3oz version try it anyway! i liked it and per the thread below i thank chicago mike for guiding my first two brews choices.

Rogue Old Crustacean ['94]--holy cow! the clear winner of the early evening. people were going nuts for this. thick, aged and wonderful. what can i say? go get this one first!

Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ['02]-- a nice suprise! very smooth pale orange brew. go for it. 4th brew in starting to ruin my tastebuds even at 3oz per try but this one stood out as just fine. i'd choose it number two behind old crusty if i could do it again.

Heavyweight Old Salty ['00]--last and least. this one i was looking forward to most of all since i enjoyed all the heavyweight craft brews at the recent BLIND TIGER "heavyweight fest" beer-a-rama night. sad to say it was stale if not skunked when i finally got to try it last of all. maybe my palate was done for but i think not. too bad.

no cheese was out but i was there pretty early (430pm-600pm). too bad, i think barleywines are made for cheese pairings. the only downside is i was a little disappointed these were all only american nouveau-craft brews. of course, dont let that stop you the brews will be there the next few days!

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