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Blimped out in B.H. (L.A. Trip Report).

Mshriro | Dec 29, 200110:04 AM     1

Blimped out in Beverly Hills (LA Trip Report)

My Dad and I take one trip a year to see baseball. Due to work, I couldn’t make it during the season. So, we went to LA. Thanks to the advice both on Chowhound and Roadfood, I barely fit on the plane home. If I’d had time to stay, you could’ve stamped Goodyear on my butt and flown me over the Rose Bowl.


Kokomo Café – L.A. Farmers Market

I had been to DuPar’s and intended to take Dad there. However, Dad wanted to walk around the market. Kokomo looked like a more interesting choice. I can’t make a direct comparison between the two. At DuPar’s, I had pancakes vs. chicken and waffles at Kokomo. The chicken was well seasoned and the waffle crisp. Dad’s French toast was great too. In fact, I would say it was a better breakfast than the one we had at…

The Belvedere – Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills

But, eat there once if you’re interested in the movie industry. You can overhear deals being made at the tables around you. Grab a complementary L.A. or New York Times (I think USA Today is also available, but really) so you don’t get caught. Note: the worst dressed person at a table is usually the screenwriter. The orange pancakes are your best bet. My Dad got the jump on me and ordered them before I did. However, he did split them with me in return for some of my banana stuffed French toast. Again, you can eat better for less other places, but go there once.

Nate and Al – Beverly Hills

Going to LA and want a guaranteed celebrity sighting? Larry King eats breakfast here nearly every day. When he moved to LA, his one request to his real estate agent was to find a house within walking distance of Nate and Al (not Nate and Al’s). I traded some of my scrambled eggs and lox for Dad’s blintzes. Both were excellent.

Campanile – 624 S. La Brea Ave.

Pastries. Forget everything else. I mean, my Dad’s beef hash and my scrambled eggs were good. But the mixed pastry basket is the way to go for Sunday Brunch. Of course, you could pick up the pastries in their bakery next door, buy O.J. at the Trader Joe’s down the street and… Doh!


Art’s Deli – Ventura Blvd., Studio City

Art’s subscribes to the Queen Mary sized sandwich rule. However, they do allow you to order half- sandwiches. My chopped liver sandwich was as good as any I’ve had in New York. My local source tells me a lot of writers hang out there. Here’s a non-tourist thing to do. Have dinner at Art’s, then drive down Ventura looking at Neon signs. The Casa de Cadillac at Ventura and Beverly Glen is really cool at night.

Pie and Burger – Pasadena

The Norton Simon in Pasadena is the Chowhound version of an art museum. Unlike the Getty, where they spent a billion dollars to house mediocre art, Simon spent his money on a fantastic collection. You want old masters. The Simon has them. Impressionists. Got them too. With the Huntington, Pasadena has better art than L.A.

The Pie and Burger is a museum of a different sort. I don’t think it’s changed any in fifty years. In fact, I sat at the counter with a guy who paints the signs at The Pie and Burger. He says it hasn’t changed since he moved to Pasadena after World War II. Burger, Milkshake and Pie here equal art.

By the way, I had to drive down Colorado Boulevard at five miles per hour and wave.

Cassell’s Hamburgers – 3266 West 6th St. L.A.

I tried to like it. I ordered the 2/3 pound burger like Roadfood said to. I know it’s prime beef. I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe the meat’s too good.


Reign – Beverly Hills

The room is paneled in expensive woods. The butter for the biscuits comes on a tray with the honey in a small pitcher. And all of this for meat and two. My Dad said his pork chops were excellent. My fried chicken with macaroni and cheese and collard greens were great. I wasn’t expecting them to debone the chicken and then fry it. Many places have upgraded the cuisine of the French countryside to the special event meal. Reign is doing it with the cuisine of poor southerners. I’d go back, but am not certain this a good idea.

Musso and Frank Grill – Hollywood

I stuck to the advice on this site. Navigating the huge menu, I avoided the pasta and went for the grill. My filet was wonderful. Dad said while the crust on his chicken pot pie was OK, the inside was the best he ever had. I didn’t like the Caesar salad that much. I guess I was sitting in the wrong part of the room.

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