blender vs. small food processor?


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blender vs. small food processor?

charmoula | May 22, 2007 07:28 AM

I need to switch around my kitchen arrangements. I have an older Braun food processor that I use about 1x/week - mostly for mixing hummous, making quick pizza dough (my 5 year old is mostly in charge of this, we use this method because she likes it), and shredding carrots.

I have a blender that I dislike and which I use nearly every day, mostly to mix smoothies for me and my kids.

I don't know whether I dislike my blender because I dislike this particular blender, or whether I dislike blenders in general. What I don't like about it is the difficulty of getting everything out of it. I have to reach way in with a spatula to scrape it out and I find myself irritated at how much I miss. It seems to me that if I had a small food processor with flat sides and a wide base, I could get everything out from it and end my irritation! (Plus it isn't a very good blender, but I know that is fixable by getting a different blender. But I'm wondering whether I want a blender at all.)

Here's my question: would a small food processor do the trick for me in terms of making smoothies and doing the light prep work that I would ask of it?

I want something small-ish so I can leave it out on my countertop. And I want something really good looking (a chrome or SS base).

Thoughts? recommendations? Thank you!!!

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