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Blauvelt Coach Diner was not good tonight

barbgail61 | Sep 23, 201105:28 PM

Had to drop our car off for repairs so were near Blauvelt Coach Diner, and decided to go. It was still early enough for their complete Early Bird Dinner, which we got even though we weren't too hungry. But for $12.95 you get soup, salad bar, entree, glass of wine, full choices of dessert, and coffee. Can't beat the price. Problem was, the food just wasn't good. Maybe because we've watched too many Kitchen Impossibles, but we recognized several things wrong. First, the small salad bar had some wilty lettuce. Still, most of the lettuce was good so we were selective. The croutons were empty, but I guess they didn't notice, and it's just as well. The Bleu Cheese Dressing had water mixed into it, presumably by accident (the metal canister of dressing was pushed into a bed of crushed ice, so pehaps someone dropped a few pieces of ice into the dressing, by accident?
The soup choices were split pea, New England Clam, or Chicken Noodle. Husband had the chicken which he said tasted like a can. I ordered New England Clam, but there were only pieces of celery - no clams, no pieces of potato, and it tasted like, well, nothing! I asked the waitress if it was cream of celery or cream of chicken instead, and she said it was clam, but that I could try another. So I tried pea. Awful! This one had absolutely no pieces of anything to chew - no ham, no carrot, no veggies, nothing but pea, and the pea was too condensed! I watered it down with lots of water (cooled it off too) and then it was edible, but not good. Too canned. I bet the clam and the pea were supposed to be bases, and not complete soups, and the were supposed to add ingredients!

Husband ordered chicken parm with pasta. It came with mashed potatoes! When he asked where the pasta was, the waitress apologized and said she'd bring him pasta and he could keep the mashed potatoes. Pasta was strange too - a mixture of thin and very thick linguine. I mean, if you have 2 different pasta leftovers, why mix them together so that the customer realizes that the pasta is leftover? My string beans were definitely frozen. Now they overheated them so that they were not only too mushy, but dark green and ugly textured. My salmon was bland, with no salt or pepper. When I got to the thin end, there was still a piece of skin, which should've been removed as it was in now way crispy. Dessert is usually good. The chocolate ice cream however was old and icy. And the chocolate layer cake tasted odd. I thought the taste was soap, but my husband said it was maybe mocha. I like mocha, so no, I think it was soap. Like maybe they washed the knife poorly, or maybe there was dish detergent on the plate, or who knows?

We won't be going back any time in the future, given the blatently canned soup, frozen veggies, poorly seasoned fish, leftover mushy linguine, soapy tasting cake, icy ice cream, water in salad dresssing.... Too bad, because years ago we really liked it there, and it's a complete meal for $12.95. But it's just not worth it.

Blauvelt Coach Diner
587 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 10913

Blauvelt Coach Diner
587 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 10913

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