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bklyn bistro burgers banality? Loulou in Ft. Greene (long, ranting)


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bklyn bistro burgers banality? Loulou in Ft. Greene (long, ranting) | May 26, 2001 12:01 AM


Had diner at LouLou in Ft. Greene tonight. Really pleasurable meal. But here is the quandry...

Chowhound is a little out of control, If we read the mission statement (as it is) we should know that chowhound is a place for the celebration of the unique tasty treats one must (usually) make a special trip to enjoy.

But WE (I am very guilty) have really used it for a gourmand gab fest. Is it okay to do this? To go on about the restuarants in our nabes? Or just the places we frequest for food?

This is what I tend to do. I feel I am lucky to live in a really great food neighborhood (Bklyn Hts.) and think there are places worth travelling to out here, though it is hard for me to qualify this because - I live here.

In anycase I had a tasty meal at Loulou but I did not have the dish on the menu that struck me as so unique it might be a true chowhound item.

It was a Cognac (Broiled?) Burger with Swiss Cheese and Portobello. Sounds like a knockout burger and one that may give Waterfronts' a run (I happen to love WF burgers and discovered the heavenly combination - med.rare with blue cheese)

Now the place, loulou, is only the 100th bistro to open up in the last year (In one block of Ft. Greene there are 3 - loulou, liquors and atable!) and it is a good place - but it is like all the other good bistros in downtown bklyn (above, Smith St.) it is good food and we almost feel bored...

what has happened!?! Is there so much good food in NYC that it has become - boring? Am I a yuppie scum (no prof. degree, not a broker, not a sales guy of any sort)

So I put this out for dicussion, if worthy, by fellow hounds...and I also put up a challenge or suggestion, at least -

Someone try this burger - is it amazing? Is it a true chowhound biscuit? or is it just a damn good burger that you are not going to find in too many places...outside of NY or Paris or something?

read on for extra credit

Loulou was pretty tasty but slightly precious and incosistent

appetizers were:
breaded clams, baby clams which were - clams, nothing to really recommend them, overwhelmed by the breading to the point where they tasted like stuffed clams at a diner (maybe a little better)

room temerature crawfish - eh...nothing special either, served with Mayo - which was - Mayo...

spicy Boullabaise - had to be traded between diners, beautiful scallops and shrimp in there, but no raves.

Cod on Garlic mashed - Fresh Cod, lightly seasoned yet robustly handled - big piece of fish, well cooked (maybe over) interesting texture but no outstanding flavor.

Grilled Bass (winner) Flame Grilled whole fish - served grown up style (head, skin, bones) on a flavorful Langoustine cream sauce (much lighter than it sounds) with Garlic mashed and wilted spinach.

This was a great dish, and got raves from everyone who even tasted it. The fish probably had a lot to do with it, nice flavor and big fish. the fish could stand on its own - the grilled skin, crispy and secreting those tasty oils, along with the moist but flaky meat pretty much overpowered the sauce.

Desert was a cinnamon apple crepe with vanilla ice cream (in a ramekin type dish?) Wonderful crepe, a real combination of eggs milk and flour (right?) rather than those almost magical sheets of paper one seems to find elsewhere, this thing looked like it could have been made at home on a very very good day - and it tasted very nice.

So a really good dinner that had a homey quality buy was gourmet enough to belong in a restuarant.

hope I haven't chewed your ear too much....

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