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Bittman says: eat less meat!


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Bittman says: eat less meat!

cassis | Jun 7, 2008 02:03 PM

I thought some of you might find this talk by Mark Bittman at TED interesting and provocative. For those who don't read the NYT, he is a food writer, and this talk is his take on the far reaching cost of industrial meat production to human and environmental health, and the choices it should force us to think about and make.

This topic has been aired before, (also as per Michael Pollan) but I would be interested to know what you believe is the proper response to this issue, and what personal adjustments you have made to your own diets.

The fact that developing countries are demanding more and more meat in their traditionally plant based diets, the recent rising cost of food---gosh, where does it all end!

And what can we do?

PS there are a lot of really interesting non food talks on that site.

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