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Bisphenol A and polycarbonate plastic containers

miss_bennet | Apr 24, 2008 04:12 PM

Although many retailers moved to stop selling re-usable water bottles and other plastic containers contain potentially harmful chemical bisphenol A, the Canadian government has warned that any use may be banned.


Google yielded a little information on this for me. As the sites say, BPA is used as a lining for cans, as well as for containers. Can we definitively say bisphenol A is bad, and all polycarbonate plastic use is bad? Is using a Nalgene-type water bottle harmful to ones health, or is it only when said container is heated (in a microwave)?

Basically, should I throw out my Nalgene bottle, and get all my friends to do the same? Should we stop uses our clear, polycarbonate storage bins at work (Camwear food storage containers)?

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