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Birthday tea with acquaintance


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Birthday tea with acquaintance

SoFlaSartorialista | Jan 11, 2014 10:21 PM

An acquaintance (seen on 3 occasions) of a new friend (known for approx. 1 year) invited me to a birthday afternoon tea. I was surprised at the invite, but gladly accepted. I am new to town and had not experienced a proper tea since I lived in NYC. I arrived after everyone was seated and since they all ordered the most expensive service, happily obliged. There were 4 of us and when the check came the inviter told the server to split the bill 3 ways. I tossed in my credit card, but was a bit taken aback since her boyfriend and best friend did not offer to pick up her tab. I also bought her a modest birthday gift, to boot, drove into the city and parked (they took the T/subway).

I am hoping I wasn't invited to buffer the bill because it certainly felt that way. Thoughts on etiquette?

Feeling kinda salty in Boston,

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