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Bird's beak paring knife info/suggestions?


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Bird's beak paring knife info/suggestions?

skyline | Sep 2, 2011 05:47 PM

I'm thinking about getting a bird's beak paring knife to use for detail work on garnishes, etc. There aren't nearly as many choices in this style of knife as most others and so I'm wondering if the knife pros here would recommend one brand over another or in something like this are they all pretty much the same? I also see that most (other than the Tojiro all-stainless with the funky handle, and Global which I don't like) seem to fall within the same general price range of $35-$50.

Is there any significant difference in the steel or other noticeable attributes between these four (two Wusthofs, an F. Dick, and a Tojiro)? My gut feeling is that the handle on the Wusthof Grand Prix or F. Dick might be more comfortable for me than the other two but I'd also like some input on the blade quality. I also see the Tojiro blade is a tad longer than the other two and can't decide whether that would be a good thing or not...

Or any other brand suggestions than these four?

And one more question: Is the "motion" or stroke any different when honing a knife of this shape on a steel? I've never had a knife that didn't have a straight or at least "straight-ish" blade edge so am trying (and failing) to envision keeping a blade edge of this shape moving evenly and at a consistent angle against the steel, LOL

I notice that the LamsonSharp model is advertised as being "sharp for life" which normally to me would translate as "impossible to sharpen" ... ;-)

I also see a lot of very low-priced versions; is this knife style more or less considered a replace-it-when-it-starts-to-get-dull item that's not really worth an 'investment' of more than $10 at most?

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