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Bill dispute etiquette


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Bill dispute etiquette

Cecilia | Dec 31, 2003 10:49 AM

I recently went to Les Zygomate for a meal and when the bill came there was a small discrepency between the price for a glass of wine listed on the wine list and what was listed on the check. It was only a $2 difference, but we thought that we would ask the waiter about it ($2 sometimes makes or breaks a decision when it comes to ordering wine by the glass). He brought over a menu with a different price than the one that we had received and more or less just left it at that. I know that Les Zygomate changes their wine lists on a regular basis and I believe that we had received a dated wine list. We brought this up and the response that we received was one of "tough luck" - I thought that that was very unprofessional. I understand that it was not the waiter's fault or an intentional act, but at any point and time, we never received an apology or acknowledgement that it might have been a mistake on their part. What should we have done in this case?

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