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The Big Waste....waste of time.

liza219 | Jan 8, 201208:04 PM

Just saw The Big waste. I was so insulted. My husband went to culinary school, were he told me the chefs forced them to go into a dumpster, to show them how much is wasted, every day. These chefs acted so surprised about the waste. Are you serious? You are the same chefs that wont take a delivery if its not perfect. Cry me a river that you had no idea about the waste.That is B**S***.
Mind you....I have been to those farms in NY. None of those farmers sell their "blemished" products. If they even sold it half price, everyone would buy it. .How would they make money selling the "perfect" apples at 1.99 a Lb., if consumers will take them for .59 a Lb. (but not perfect)? . Especially in this economy.

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