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Big Mistake!

Caroline1 | Mar 15, 200808:45 AM

Lobster has been slam dancing down the corridors of my mind a lot lately, so yesterday while shopping at Sam's Club, their giant lobster tails caught my eye. "Buy me, buy me, buy me," they chanted seductively. But $27.88 a pound? hmmmm... think think think....

Okay. Last time I had a whole Maine lobster in a restaurant, it was basically inedible. It was so stale I was sure it must have been the first lobster ever caught by a European! Sending it back hadn't helped because they brought me its twin. Really bad, and the menu price had been well over thirty bucks. Okay! $27.88 a pound makes sense. Into the cart goes 1.2 pounds, meaning two tails not of equal size.

I failed to read the small print on the label BEFORE paying for them and hauling them home. The label says, "Product of the Bahamas. Wild." It's WARM WATER lobster! Not good. Really tough shells that only turn orange, not red, when cooked. And worst of all, you have to concentrate really hard and focus if you want them to taste like lobster when you eat them. Oh, there's a remiscent flavor all right. But it doesn't make love to your taste buds the way cold water lobster does. Or as Peggy Lee (RIP) would have put it, it was a giant "Is That All There Is?" type of experience.

So from now on, I read labels carefully, even if I have to start carrying a magnifying glass in my pocket. But there must be some people who like it or Sam's Club wouldn't always have so many of them in stock

Fortunately, I picked up a couple of Alaskan king crab legs too. DEEEElicious! And they were only $12.47 a pound. Next time I'll know where to spend my money!

Anyone else had warm water lobster? What was your experience? Oh! And have you also had cold water lobster to compare them with? Maybe it's just me.

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