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How big for a HUGE Le Creuset oven?

Girly_Qs | Dec 2, 200904:56 AM

As I've always gotten great, sound advice when making my other LC decisions, I'd thought I'd turn here first for guidance . . .

I'm trying to decide WHICH SIZE huge LC round oven to buy. Is there such a thing as just too big?

I'm wavering between the 9qt and the 13-1/4qt rounds. It certainly won't be used on a daily, or even weekly necessarily, basis. But, I'd love a large one for cooking for a crowd (think chili, spaghetti sauce, etc). The biggest I have right now is the 6-3/4qt oval, and it really suits my needs pretty well, but I'd love a bigger one for those times when there's just a larger crowd than that! I'd likely be buying either at the outlet w/ a coupon, so price isn't quite the factor it would be for either of those at full retail (I think there's a $100 difference at retail, less than $50 at outlet sale price) - in case that influences anyone's answer!

Thanks for any/all input y'all might have!

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