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BibiCaffè ... or why Italians are just better than Americans

ipsedixit | Apr 30, 2008 11:09 AM

Maybe I'm late to the game, but I just discovered BibiCaffè.

What's BibiCaffè you say?

The label on the bottle (pic below) says it's a Sparkling Espresso Drink.

But that hardly does it justice.

That's like saying Heinz ketchup is spiced tomato sauce or a bottle of Merlot is fermented grape juice.

BibiCaffè is what Coke Blak would be if it was made by Giorgio Armani or Valentino. A perky carbonated drink with enough style to make even Rosie O'Donnell look svelte.

So what's it taste like?

Well, it's got a nice hint of chocolate, but it's not so strong as to overpower the distinctive coffee flavor, and the best part is that it's not cloyingly sweet like a lot of canned coffee products (and it has no HFCS for those keeping score at home).

I still haven't found it in stores, but if you're interested you can get it online at http://www.koobiescoffee.com/listSubC...

I've got to get home and make an ice cream float out of this thing ...

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