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Bham - house made items/recent eats

Dax | Mar 12, 200802:38 PM

It's getting nice and warm out and I know that I will be craving ice cream soon. Do any places here make their own in house (that are good)?

Also, what about donuts? Do we only have chains or are there any mom and pop donut stores? If not, maybe I will try some pastries or other baked goods at places previously mentioned - time to research old threads.


Do not even think of eating at the newish Mexican restaurant near Wal-Mart on Crestwood. It’s called Hacienda or something like that. While my bartender was as nice as can be and a good server, the following crossed it off my list:

1) Two al pastor tacos - two tortillas (yay!), weird flavoring on pork (ummm) and the do-it-yourself onion, cilantro and weird sauce condiment try looked like I was no where near the first to use it (run away).

2) Chips (warm) were good but the salsa was bland. While most servers served from the hot chip bin with a big ice scoop, I swear one guy reached in with both hands to fill up a chip basket and take it out to customers then return and not wash and proceed to do other work behind the bar with his hands. Umm, look I'm not shy from eating at most places and some of the street food I have eaten in the past was from suspect vendors, but this creeped me out. I do not mind cooks touching my food in the back (mostly) because they're usually (hopefully, or at least I did) washing their hands constantly. But waiters?

3) Adding insult to injury, I wanted a torta to take home but since the al pastor was weak and they had no other pork options, I went with the cabeza (beef cheek). Now, I've only had this one time before and recall mostly just tender meat. Well the torta had (perhaps thankfully) only a small bit of almost a fatty paste of meaty product, a slathering (ie 3.8 lbs) of mayo, beans, tomato, lettuce, avocado, etc. Two whole pickled jalapenos were served on the side. With the first bite, I was a little nauseated, with the second bite, well I won't go into details but it wasn't pleasant. Trash time.

I had a very good steak salad from Silvertron last night. The tenderloin, although perhaps a little tougher than I prefer but still pretty darn tender, was cooked perfectly medium rare as requested and there was ample crumbled bleu, plus I like their warm bacon vinaigrette.

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