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Beware The Naked Chef

Simon Majumdar | Jan 5, 200106:53 AM

I have read a few posts below some of which actually praise Jamie Oliver. I just wanted to warn you that this gurning no talent pillock will soon become as irritatingly ever present over there as he is over here.

The man is a sous chef who got lucky. That much is fine every one deserves a break and good luck to him for that, but what really galls me is

a) The obvious lack of talent of a man who has patently not learned his trade. God just read the man's book ( probably more than he would be able to )and tell me that there is anything there that displays any level of craft

b) The false cockney accent that remarkably has developed over the last two years as he moved from his comfortable middle class Cambridgeshire background. He reminds me of those white middle class kids I see when I come to NYC who are even more black that black people. We have a term over here for people like this "mockney" and if you look for a definition of it in the dictionary they will just have a picture of Jamie Oliver

c) The whole "lifestyle" baggage that goes with him. We are subjected to Sainsbury's adverts that feature him in his cockney geezer persona with his mates and his equally irritating wife. We have CD's released of music that Jamie likes to cook to and he even gets a record deal for the crappy band he drums with.

More than anything it annoys me that chefs with real talent are kept off our screens because people have been dumbed down so much they think this is what food and cookery is.

My ex-priestly background tells me I shouldn't hate anyone, but man he pushes me really close.

Don't say I didn't warn you

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