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Berlin: Lindenbrau


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Berlin: Lindenbrau

polyg | Aug 1, 2008 11:44 PM

I went to Lindenbrau this week. Or perhaps I should say - so you will really think the worse of me - I went to the OF version of Mamma Mia! at the Sony Centre and to Lindenbrau this week.

For the Berliners among you, this is as if I have just said that I am 13 again and went to McDonald's and to see a Jason Donovan concert (when he mounted for something for 13 year olds). I have just introduced kitsch to Chowhound Berlin. The tourists are of course indifferent, they have no idea what I am talking about. So let me put it like that: I enjoyed myself more in the restaurant than in the film, and that is despite the fact that it is one of the best films to watch in darkness in the company of gay Berliners (oops, I think this sentence could be also wrongly interpreted).

It was great, and not great in the teenage kind of way. First of all, a refreshment of memory for those who haven't been there: Lindenbrau is a "traditional" German restaurant in the most non-traditional, touristy, location: the Sony Centre. It is supposed to be also a brewery, and there are home-made brews, but you don't see most of the brewery, and I would imagine that it is really located in some factory in China. So much for a corny, plastic-like atmosphere.

I didn't try the beer, though, so it might be good. Lindenbrau have several dishes typical to the Berlin cuisine; but mostly Bavarian and south German dishes, and I would imagine what tourists might think of when they think of German food. We tried two main courses: one Schnitzel, and one vegetarian dish - a noodle mixture served in a hot cast iron plate. Both were satisfying and as usual with traditional German food, very filling/heavy (depends on your sentiments on the matter and level of hunger). And yes, not only that the vegetarian dish was good, it was also not lonely in the menu, as it usually happens in "real" traditional German restaurants.

Non-Germans would also enjoy the fact that at least this "touristy" restaurant is really geared towards tourists: the staff speaks English (as much as you would expect from ze Germans ven dey spik Englisch); the menu is available in major tourist languages (if I am not mistaken: English, French, Spanish and Japanese); and there are also pictures of the dishes, so you will know what you're ordering, and whether it looks more like a brew or like a roast. As has anyone who has visited a (real traditional) German restaurant (that is, with no foreign language menus or weird explanations), you're bound for surprises if you count on the wording only, not knowing the dish.

I have neglected to mention, that my babysitter is one of those people with their own time concept, which means that by the time we got to the Sony Centre, it was almost too late to eat something. The service at Lindenbrau is also quick and efficient, another major difference than any real traditional German restaurant.

So forget those cosy little places in PBerg, go to the real thing ;-)

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