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Berkeley-ish: Kensington Farmers' Market move to Colusa Circle


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Berkeley-ish: Kensington Farmers' Market move to Colusa Circle

rworange | Jan 13, 2009 11:56 AM

A few months ago the Kensington Farmers' Market moved and is now located across from the Kensington Circus Pub. The market is nestled against Post Meridian. Kensington is on the Berkeley border and a little up the road from La Farine on Solano.

This is such a superior location with lots of parking and room to grow. The added bonus is the option of having brunch at Post Meridian and supplementing farmers market purchases with bread from Semifreddi's and groceries from Colusa Market which are just a few steps away.

Some of the same vendors are there from my visit a few years ago

- Firme Farm
- Ludwig Ave Farm (Davis chickens & eggs)
- Lone Oak Ranch
- Kensington Marmalade Co

Other vendors include

- Phoenix Pastifico
- Hudson Fish
- Babafood
- Sonoma Olive Oil
- Tofu-yu
- an unamed strawberry vendor

There was some nice live music as well

Babafoods deserves credit just breaking into the farmers market ... market ... and not being Suki's Quik-N-Easy Indian food. There is a similar product line and he is generous on the samples. I wasn't going home immediately so didn't buy any of the spreads but liked what I tried.

Firme was selling root veggies, some lettuce and citrus. The huge naval oranges were very sweet and juicy.

Lone Oak was selling pommegranite juice which was very nice. They also had some citrus and pretty blood oranges. The apples were crisp and sweet. I was having a bad knee day so asked the vendor to pick out some nice apples for me since I wanted to sit down for brunch ASAP. I'm a little unhappy there. The largest apple turned out to have a horrible sunken brown spot so appaling looking that I tossed the whole apple ... I didn't want to cut into it and and find out what was inside. Since I was the only customer and those apples were $3 a pound, I would expect the vendor to pick out something better than this. I probably tossed $2 worth of apple.since it was so large. The rest are very tasty ... but still.

On a happier note, I finally picked up some excellent marmalade from the Kennsington Marmalade Co. They had a lovely blood orange, lucious lemon and lime, and Stafford's Picnic Jam ... they were all great, but that was my favorite.

From the website ...

"My Uncle Stafford lives in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood, and has a giant organic Eureka lemon tree with enormous fruit, just perfect for jam making. We add organic Valenica orange and organic Meyer lemon from our neighborhood in Kensington, as well as rosemary, California bay leaf, juniper berries, and black peppercorns."

I love rosemary in jams and jellies because it adds warmth. the other spices were not in your face but added nuances and layers of flavor. The website says they also sell at the Pasta Shop, Bi-Rite and the Alameda farmers market.

I had brunch at Post Meridian which has a wonderful staff and was very pleasant. I'll write something about it later as I'm in the middle of a croque monsieur crawl ... I have been curious about what makes a good one ... and probably won't write anything till I get to Bouchon. However the croque was good and Post Meridian is a nice place to have brunch when visiting the market. There are sidewalk tables outside, but even inside it was relaxing people-watching the shoppers at the market and listening to strains of the outdoor music.

Market hours: Sunday year-round from 10am - 2pm

Post Meridian
1568 Oakview Avenue, Kensington, CA 94706

Kensington Farmers Market
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA

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