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Berber Lounge: over promised and under delivered..


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Berber Lounge: over promised and under delivered..

nbisnar | Jun 26, 2011 09:28 AM

Berber Lounge is my new benchmark for worst restaurant ever. They over promised and under delivered for a party and management had the audacity to blame us, their customers for their never ending failure to provide service. And the only reason why the food was cleaned off our plates was because it was served AN HOUR AND A HALF after the order was placed and we were all starving!!!
First mistake of the evening, the place was half empty with our party counting for 2/3 of all the customers in there and the manager in all of his restaurant experience assigned a party of forty, 1 server, yes you read that right 1 server for 40 people.
2nd mistake is their sorry excuse of what they call food. They have 2 kinds of menus, the prix fixe and their ala carte. My boyfriend and I ordered from the ala carte menu We had the antipasto ($12), lamb chop ($25) and chicken ($25). While our friend ordered from the 4 course prix fixe ($39), he had the antipasto, cambozola fritter, chicken and some dessert. The food was barely palatable and the prices laughable. I was flabbergasted that the size of the antipasto from the ala carte was the same size of the fixed menu only in different plates. Both dishes had one tiny bocconcini cheese, one cracker, one sausage and 2 different prices. And when I asked the server why, she said that the bocconcini and sausage were top quality thus the reason for the price but no explanation why the size of the dishes were the same. The root vegetables that came with the entrees were so tough, I felt my tooth was going to break, the lamb had no flavor at all, and the chicken was over cooked and dry. I would have had a better meal going across the street for some hot dogs.
3rd mistake, not once did the server or the hostess or maitre d’ or the manager come up to our party to ask if everything was ok. No explanation why the food was taking so long. No words of assurance that they were on top of it. Basically they ignored the biggest group of customers for the evening and did not care that our evening was getting ruined every minute we stayed there
4th mistake, we brought a birthday cake for the celebrants and the hostess earlier that evening suggested that they keep it in the kitchen. When it was time to cut the cake, the kitchen couldn’t find it. They LOST the birthday cake and took them at least 20 minutes to find it.
5th mistake, is when the manager argued with their customers. The manager gave us all the excuses in the book ranging from the number of guests the party had, the times that each guest of that party arrived, the different foods we ordered, he complained that each person in our party should have ordered at least $40/each worth of food, he complained that the band he hired for the evening was so expensive, he argued that we had no right to complain because it was our fault why their service was so bad. He tried to appease us by offering free shots to our party, which was the worst drink, it was like drinking cough syrup. Any quality restaurant worth its salt would have done a whole lot more and well would not have had these mistakes to begin with.
I’m not denying there are challenges serving 40 people, but what’s really bad about this, is that they knew that there were 40 people arriving that night, they knew that they would be ordering in both ala carte and fixed price menu, they knew that it was going to be paid in separate bills and they agreed that they can handle it. All this could probably have been over looked if the food was even decent, it was not.
So aover all, I will never recommend this place to anyone. Save yourself and your tummy the heartache, If you’re in the market for quality Morrocan food, Toronto is diversified enough that I’m sure you’ll find a restaurant a million time better than this pitiful excuse of a restaurant called Berber lounge.

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