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dietndesire | Jun 19, 2009 01:42 PM

Ate at the 44th St location this week, 9 heads.
I will be as brief as possible and, hopefully, clear.
Perhaps, chronological order is best.

Sat down, the upselling waiter begins. I despise that.
I go to P Luger and I know what I want and that is it. If someone asks for recommendations, fine, otherwise, shut your pie hole. I speak, the "gruff" waiters(who I don't mind since I do not care to be coddled while they are picking my pocket, aka "sold" in anything) there take my order and that is it. I know my business, they know I know my business, done and done. I think they do a good job, they are almost across the board fine and the service is proper.NOT HERE!
We put in our orders, bacon around, porterhouses of various temps and sides.
"How about I bring some tomato and onion"
"How bout tomato, mozzarella"
"How bout shrimp cocktail for middle of the table"
Did I have a tourist stamp on my forehead like someone who becomes giddy with unlimited shrimp cocktail at the AYCE buffet?
Keep your shady sales tactics out of our presence.
Moving on.
Bacon arrives. Really good, thick slices, possibly better than the average P Luger bacon experience though that is hard to say. Not too salty, actually, but I could have it either way. Definitely eliminates the need to go to BK so far.
Steaks and Sides
Fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, creamed spinach and something else.
When the waiter was "asking" if I wanted this or that, well, he was simultaneously shoving it onto the plate. Why ask? I did not want any mushrooms but I had them there so I ate them. Not that they were bad but they certainly were not better than expected and thus, not pleased.
Creamed spinach was fine, I like P Luger's version better, the latter has more cream.
Fried onions were good. I am quite sure there was another side but I do not recall what it was and whether I had any.
QUALITY-Subpar. End of story. The meat quality was definitely not good enough.Granted the last couple times at Luger were a bit under my threshhold but that is due more for the burger though Partner in Luger has been even more recently often and the steaks have been the same for him thus we are on a Luger boycott for a bit. Another reason I tried this spot.
Also, I was eating from a Medium Rare steak. Well, it was medium at least and possibly medium well. I realize that almost every joint leans toward overcooking but this was not that. This was just completely destroyed. Should have ordered RARE.
QUality and temp are about 95% of steak prep, when you blow those badly, well, it is not cool.
In case these steak "experts" need a guide, medium well still has red in the steak. Layer of char, slight layer of pink, red in the center, repeat. So sad. I am angry about it.
Also, I would prefer more char but if that had been my only "beef"(I am killing today)I would not hold that as much of a black(or lack of black)mark.
People were full, only 2 or 3 wanted to split a dessert so we skipped. Some had coffee.
Oh, AND OF COURSE, one guy told me afterwards that the dbag waiter just refilled his wine by the glass without asking(3 glases total) and it was FULLY billed. Thanks for that.

Bill came out to 80 per person on the nose with tip which was given as 20% of the TOTAL WITH TAX. I was not happy about rewarded these &*($#&) but did not want to get into it with a group that big there.

STEAK-POOR for top end steakhouse.
SERVICE-Efficiency was there and all, I will say that but as you have read, not a fan.I hate salespeople.

*AZZZZ. And I am the latter. I was quite disappointed to say the least.

Bottom Line-Never again if it can be avoided.Though I forgot to ask someone at the table to compare to the other location. I do not believe anyone else had been.

This was way too long, my apologies but I was venting, obviously.
Have a good weekend and better steaks even if you have to take the Brown Line to Billyburg.

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