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Bella Mia Pizzeria - If it could go wrong, it did....


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Bella Mia Pizzeria - If it could go wrong, it did....

puiwa | Jan 23, 2011 11:51 AM

When we arrived it took 10 minutes to get water and menu's, as "chatty cathy", the ADD waitress serving our side of the room flitted about holding overly lengthy conversations and inefficiently did tasks separately that could and should have been combined. And the manager had to initiate us getting that. We watched as the waitress on the other side of side served those who came in after us promptly. If there had been tables left on that side at this point, we would have moved. It took another 10 minutes before "cathy" returned to take our order. We ordered calamari, but at 7:30 at night, they were already out. The rolls came when we had been there 25 minutes, and were burnt. Tables across the room whose patrons arrived after us got theirs 10 minutes before we did. The meatballs ordered as a side for the dinner showed up before the salad, and "cathy's" attempt to explain why (things come out when they come out.." missed the mark. The salad came shortly after, followed five later by the *wrong pizza*, which was never delivered to another table, so obviously someone messed up when placing our order. When I said it was not the pizza we ordered, "cathy" questioned me an insisted it was, before checking her order slips and then adding, "You're right. This isn't even one of my orders." The eggplant took another five minutes, and it took the same five minutes of watching "cathy" talk to the manager to get another pizza order in. My husband had finished eating before my correct pizza arrived, about an hour after we had. The manager delivered it, and said, "Did you not like the salad?" My husband explained that he did not have a chance to eat it before his dinner arrived, and the manager said she would take it off the bill. "Cathy" arrives and announces that since so many things went wrong, we would be treated to a dessert on the house. She does not give us a menu or tell us the choices. Empty plates on my husband's side ignored, she leaves and does not return until both of our plates have sat too long. Then she says, "Did you decide?" Needless to say, "cathy" does not seem suited for her current job.

The food was okay to good, the portions were large. The egglant parm with spaghetti was over-sauced, and the pizza needed a salt and pepper before cooking. The toppings were quite sparse and not well distributed, instead the were placed in a ring between the middle and the edge.

I doubt I will be returning. What should have been a short pleasant meal turned into an endurance test for which we had to pay.

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