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"Beisl" in Vienna - a list

Sturmi | Oct 15, 201107:37 AM

The "Falstaff" magazine - an Austrian gourmet monthly with a very nice webpage www.falstaff.at - has published a very nice and very imcomplete list of Viennese beisl:

Die besten Beisln Wiens: http://www.falstaff.at/nc/news/newsar...

They classify by three categories: Gehobene Gasthäuser, Edelbeisl and Beislklassiker

The first category simply lists the Plachutta chain, Eisvogel, Pfarrwirt and Hohensinn.
I would only admit Pfarrwirt to this category, Plachutta is just another restaurant chain, acceptable but expensive Viennese food but no atmosphere. And Hohensinn is anything but not a beisl...

On the other hand here I would add the Restaurant Eckel, because of its unique position as "last man standing". It is the only one of its kind left, a real old-fashioned Viennese restaurant.

And yes, the Meierei of the Steirereck restaurant also should be called a "gehobenes Gasthaus".

The second category "Edelbeisl" is the most interesting one.
These places offer traditional Viennese cuisine, but with a modern twist. Here we find Freyenstein, Grünauer and Schreiner. This is correct, maybe we should add a few more, such as Zur Schwarzen Katze, Weibels Wirtshaus and Schnattl. Rudi´s Beisl is an edelbeisl, true, but just pure classic Viennese cuisine without any modernizations...

The Beislklassiker list is the most incomplete.
All of these beisl offer a great selection of Viennese cuisine, some of them (e.g. Gasthaus Stern, Zum Reznicek, Gmoakeller) in a real "head to tail" tradition offering everything a cow or a pig can offer: headcheese, brain, lung, heart, liver, tripes and (ox)tail. And there are so many "classic" beisl around that this list asks for additions, such as:
Gasthaus Stern in Simmering, Gasthaus Sperl in Karolinengasse, Gassner´s Wirtshaus in Erdberg, Kolonitzbeisl on Kolonitzplatz, Gasthaus am Rilkeplatz between Hotel Triest and University of Technology, Heidingers Gasthaus in 15., Selzergasse, Hausmairs Gaststätte on Lerchenfelderstrasse, Zur Goldenen Glocke on Lazarettgasse, Zum Reznicek in Recnizekgasse, Beim Czaak and last not least, the Gmoakeller behind the Konzerthaus !!

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