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Beginners: Flavours that go well together


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Beginners: Flavours that go well together

Derelict | Aug 7, 2008 11:16 PM

Hello all,

I am new here but have been browsing this site for awhile now. I finally decided to register today as I have a burning question. I was trying to spice up my Chocolate Banana Protein Shake and considered various options, such as cinnamon and peppermint. However, cinnamon doesn't seem to go with chocolate and I was out of peppermint (Is it a good idea, by the way?). Anyway, I have never received any form of culinary training before, so I am pretty clueless about flavour matching, I am hoping that you guys can tell me some basics or flavours you usually put together. Mainly, I'm interested in what healthy foods go well with chocolate as my protein powder is chocolate and I've been putting it into my cereal and oatmeal.

For reference, here's my very basic protein shake recipe, which I like a lot:
1 frozen banana (chopped up into pieces)
250 ml skim milk
30g chocolate whey protein powder
Lots of ice (It's a little sweet without the ice and the feeling of fullness is nice, so I prefer having it in more volume and less sweetness)

Thank you!

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