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Beer / liquor combinations

ncyankee101 | Sep 18, 2011 12:13 PM

I am just curious to know if anyone has played around with these much. Not looking for any elaborate beer cocktails, just a splash or more of something that enhances the taste of a beer.

I broke open a pale ale my friend brewed for his wedding, and I thought it was a little one-dimensional with too much hops and very little malt to balance them. So for the second half of the bottle I added just a splash of aperol and it was quite good.

Other combinations I have tried and worked - Scotch ale and Islay Scotch, Sierra Nevada celebration IPA and coffee liqueur, SN IPA and Firefly sweet tea bourbon, Smuttynose robust porter and coconut syrup (after seeing mention of Maui Brewing's coconut porter.)

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