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ipsedixit | Nov 25, 201108:24 PM

Anyone eat or cook beefalo?

Never heard of beefalo? Neither had I, until I read this article in the WSJ (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001...) and then did some poking around the Web.

Seems like it's a cross between buffalo and bovine.

From the linked WSJ article:

"Today, the Department of Agriculture recognizes "beefalo" as a distinct type of meat (it comes from hybrids that are mostly bovine, with the bison's genetic contribution ranging from 17% to 37.5%). Beefalo vary in appearance; some have cow faces and bison humps, while others look like typical feedlot cattle except for their curly, shaggy hides. Come birthing season, "it's exciting to walk out and see what you get," says Andrew Hammer, who raises beefalo in Canal Fulton, Ohio."

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