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How beef gets parted out


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How beef gets parted out

Professor Salt | Oct 17, 2003 05:16 PM

The recent thread on Costco beef got me thinking how the American beef industry still appears regionalized in this day and age. I'm hoping someone here in the meatcutting industry can provide some clues.

Why, for instance, is a tri tip sirloin roast common on the West coast, and practically unheard of on the East coast? Is is simply a matter of nomenclature where the same cut of meat is called trip tip in the West and bottom sirloin in the East? Or are there distinctly different butchering traditions on opposite ends of the continent? I know the French and Argentines break down their sides of beef into completely different primal and subprimal cuts than we do here in the US. Do we still have regional differences within the country as well?

I thought that in this age when most local retailers buy boxed, pre-butchered meat, that we'd have identical cuts of beef nationwide. Is it because our local wholesalers buy boxed beef from West coast abbatoirs vs. East coast processors?

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