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Beef Liver - Do you choose to eat it?


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Beef Liver - Do you choose to eat it?

Hassley | Sep 7, 2009 12:36 PM

So after reading the book Julie and Julia, I was left with a pretty intense craving for some good old infamous liver. I went out last Friday night and bought a package (love how inexpensive it is!) and did up some pan-fried liver with onion gravy. Low and behold, however, I was still left with about 4 more servings of the raw stuff in the fridge! I get bored with eating the same thing daily, so I wanted to test out some different preparations. Now, usually google is pretty good at inspiring some ideas, but I found there to be little to no material on creative ways to prepare liver! I ended up finding one recipe that had it sauteed in tomato sauce. So I twisted up that idea by making a sauce with some vodka sauce and my leftover onion gravy. Turned out pretty delicious.

STILL! I was left with MORE liver. So I actually ended up breading and frying up the remainder, melting some cheese onto the top, and threw the leftover tomato sauce over top of that. I put it all into some bread and had myself a little liver parm sandwich...

Needless to say, I am definitely liver'd out for now. There's only so much you can eat before the "interesting" texture starts getting to you.

Now, I ask all of you: Do you eat liver? And if so, what are some interesting ways that you choose to prepare it?

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