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Bedrest diet

cheesehead in recovery | Jan 13, 200809:00 AM

Help! I've been put on bedrest! (Preggo with twins, but feeling 100% fine, its a precautionary measure right now.) I'm hoping this is only a temporary situation... I'll get re-evaluated again next week. Enough of the details.

So in theory, I'm eating for 3. I'm not exactly one who sits on her tush and eats bon-bons all day. I'm used to burning calories by running around doing errands, walking my dog, running up and down stairs, and in-general managing my life. (I'm notorius for parking far away from my retail or work destination just so i can walk a bit extra.) My hubby and i like to eat out, even at cheap local dives, once a week.. and cook at home regularly, sometimes mac-'n cheese, out of a box, othertimes, chowish, culinary adventures - with lots of veggies and low fat flavors. We both cook, depending on the day and our moods.

While its important that i eat enough for the 'kids', how can i eat enough to keep us healthy, but not too much that i gain a ton of weight? I realize that with twins, i will probably gain 40-50 pounds (Normally, I'm 5'4, and 125....) and I'm supposed to eat at least 2500 calories (In reality, I probably eat 2000 ish...i don't count calories..I'm just trying to eat a bit more than i used to.) BUT I was also counting on exercizing! Now what?

If you've ever been in this situation, I could really use some chowish advice!


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