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beautiful food: the pomelo for example


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beautiful food: the pomelo for example

yvonne johnson | Nov 5, 2000 09:35 PM

Have you ever been cooking or at the cutting board and on chopping up something, for example, thought: Bloody (more on blood citrus fruits later) hell, what’s in front of me is magnificent? It’s so beautiful it takes your breath away?!

This happened the other day. I’d bought a pomelo thinking it was just another pink grapefruit. I started peeling it but the skin was a lot thicker than I’d anticipated. I kept digging for the fruit and in the process saw these wonderful colors. The skin is bright green, then there is a thin layer of white, then you come to the pith that is a magical light pink. When I got to the fruit I found deep crimson, shining segments (they were blood orange-like). I don’t want to go on and on—and sound pompous and over analytic over a pomelo, but it made me think about the beauty of food. And made me think why green and pink borrowed from nature work so well together in interior design.

After realizing this was no ordinary grapefruit I thought it might be more exotic. I looked up Soloman’s Encyl of Asian Food, and found out that the pomelo is the biggest of the citrus fruits, and is native to SE Asia and can weigh up to 22 pounds!

Any thoughts on other beautiful foods?

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