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have any BC'ers been to Trader Joe's lately - what do you have to bring back over the border from TJ's?


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have any BC'ers been to Trader Joe's lately - what do you have to bring back over the border from TJ's?

Georgia Strait | Sep 19, 2012 02:14 PM

i went in early Sept to the location in BLI - which is such a nice clean and friendly TJ"s ---- all those Canadians there.

Are there as many at the Spokane WA location? I don't know. I've never been to that fairly new one.

I also often go to TJ's in PDX (i see a lot of people on this board go to PDX)
and also several in CA

i have certain stand-by products ---
*Cat Cookies for People (someone up here actually thought i was giving their cat chocolate crackers!)
*TJs pesto --- it's a handy pantry stand-by and better than any reasonably priced normal supermarket option up here. PLus, I don't often have enuf fresh basil in summer to make my own.
*Mesquite almonds - a bit salty but i'm a bbq flavour person
*TJ's canned alaska pink salmon - no skin, no bones - a bit salty, not much diff than what we get in stores here - tho no queezy skin/bone factor
*TJ's wild rice mix - it's just something different on a boring dinner nite.
*TJ"s laundry soap - it is probably made in Canada but it's about 20 dollars here and 12 dollars there. Lavender liquid in something like a 3 or 4 liter size.
*TJ's liquid hand soap in the bergamot flavor
*TJ's cuban style beans in a can
*various TJ's salsas ---- there is a low-salt one that is pretty good --- and the corn one too.

i also impulse buy some things that i regret later - like the "light brie" ... that was bad!

I realize there is an entire list of TJ's YAY, NAY and MEH but i think that for those of us who don't have a TJ's nearby - and esp when an international border is involved, we have certain "just have to have" or "ask our friend to buy it for us" products.

i am curious

ps - i also buy some of the cake mixes (check out the "lite" brownies) and the vanilla cake mix, i use orange-scented olive oil for the fat requirement - people think i'm something else - or maybe they are being kind! no really, the vanilla bean cake mix is very handy. At xmas they come out with a cranberry orange quick bread - that's good too.

and then we divert from here to the other Pac NW products we just have to have from south of the border (like Krustez Snickerdoodle mix - avail only at certain safeway or is it albertsons --- and diet rite splenda cola from target or albertsons in BLI, WA.

EDIT - maybe i should have continued this past thread - i remembered it afterwards

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