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BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber


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BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

angelo04 | Apr 1, 2009 11:50 AM

I am looking forward to the warm weather and grilling with my Weber Charcoal Grill. I can hold my own on the grill and in the kitchen. Recently I have been making slow roasted pork shoulder in my oven. I cook it for 8-10 hours and it is awesome. I want to do the same cut of pork on the grill and go low and slow. Any tips on how to go about this? Specifically I am concerned about controlling the temperature on my charcoal grill. I assume too, that I am going to have to replenish the charcoal at least 2-3 times if I intend to go for 8-10 hours. Any tips my fellow hounds?

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