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New Bay Area French bakery chain: La PanotiQ


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New Bay Area French bakery chain: La PanotiQ

eatzalot | May 29, 2014 09:28 AM

"La Tartine Group" is the independent firm behind this recent and considerable initiative, which Eater detailed below. I did more research and these are the people who acquired a site I reported earlier in downtown Mountain View, posting a plaque "La Tartine bakery."

No connection to either of the other two Bay Area "Tartine" bakery firms cited periodically on this board.

These new bakery-restaurants are due to open in various Bay Area cities; AFAIK none is open yet, Campbell's was reported furthest along, followed by one on Chestnut St. in SF and several others. A particular angle at these new bakeries will be heavy reliance on ingredients made in France.

One thing very evident is that the word "tartine" (as in "slice of bread [with butter, jam, etc.]" -- Cassell's Fr. Dic.) is fashionable among Bay Area bakers, this being at least the third such usage in recent years, source of occasional confusions already. (And don't overlook that "tartine" also is colloquial for "tirade, rigmarole.")

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